Company profile

O&K Antriebtechnik, recently acquired by Bonfiglioli Group, is one of the world´s leading producers of planetary drives and develops, manufactures and offers a full range of final drives, slew drives and cutter drives for mobile applications, as well as drives for winches, walkways and escalators. Ever-shrinking dimensions enable the units to be installed wherever space is of the essence, but O&KA can also supply the biggest drives ever made anywhere in the world, adapted for the largest mining shovels and tracked cranes.

The company´s philosophy is focused on high technological standards of development, production and quality, ensuring the highest performance and reliability in today´s market.

O&K Antriebtechnik has been established in Hattingen for over 50 years. Currently, it has a workforce of about 150 employees, who design and manufacture German-made geared machinery for the world market. Thanks to decades of experience, O&K can develop customer-specific products such as the unique F2200 Drive Gear System (output torque of 2.2 million Nm), which is used on some of the largest hydraulic digging machines in the global mining industry.

German Technology  - TÜV Certified